The right treatment
for inflammation of the eyelids

Besides patience and consistency, there are three cornerstones to successful treatment of eyelid inflammation:

1. Treating the inflammation

  • In the case of acute inflammation, a visit to the ophthalmologist is recommended, as anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory therapy may be necessary at the start of treatment. However, chronic eyelid inflammation (blepharitis) also requires regular check-ups with an ophthalmologist.
  • Accompanying this, treatment with an antiseptic eye ointment containing the active ingredient bibrocathol (Posiformin® 2% eye ointment) in combination with eye drops containing salicylic acid (POSIFORLID COMOD® eye drops) has proved successful.

2. Daily eyelid hygiene

3. Regular eye moisturisation

It is fundamentally advisable to use eye drops that do not contain preservatives, phosphates and emulsifiers and to temporarily avoid eye cosmetics and contact lenses.

Frau steht vorm Spiegel und Pflegt ihre Lidränder

As important as cleaning your teeth

In order to treat eyelid inflammation effectively, daily care of the eyelids must become a permanent part of life, comparable to regular tooth brushing.

If it is carried out regularly, most patients will see an improvement after a few weeks. If the care is erratic or is stopped completely, the original symptoms may recur.

POSIFORLID Augenmaske - So wichtig wie das tägliche Zähneputzen.

Daily eyelid hygiene

1. Eyelid Warming Therapy

When the blocked secretions in the affected meibomian glands are warmed, they become liquid. The pores are therefore easier to clean after warming. It is important to achieve a constant temperature of around 45 degrees over a period of 5 – 10 minutes. The temperature should not be higher than this due to the risk of burns. As this cannot be guaranteed with conventional methods (e. g. warm face cloth or compresses), the use of special eyelid warming masks is recommended, such as the POSIFORLID® eye mask, which guarantees the required temperature over the necessary period of time.

Frau entspannt bei der Wärmebehandlung mit POSIFORLID Augenmaske

2. Massaging and cleansing the edges of the eyelids

Following warming of the eyelids, the liquid secretion can then be carefully massaged out, preferably with a moist cotton pad. Massaging makes it easier to wipe out the secretion.

  • Massage the upper eyelid 5 to 10 times from top to bottom, always over the entire breadth of the lid.
  • Subsequently, massage the lower eyelid 5 to 10 times from bottom to top, again over the entire breadth of the lid.
  • Finally, cleanse the edges of the eyelids with a moist cotton pad.
  • When cleaning the edge of the eyelid, always wipe the cotton pad over the eyelid from the outer corner inwards.

For moistening cotton swabs or cotton pads, warm, previously boiled tap water or special care solutions such as POSIFORLID® eye spray, which additionally cares for and soothes the eyelids, are suitable. Instead of a moist cotton pad, you can also use the POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes for the final cleansing. Compared to a moist cotton pad, these offer the advantage of gentle cleansing, removal of more stubborn deposits and additional care.

The cotton buds, cosmetic pads, cotton pads or eyelid hygiene wipes should only be used once for each eye.

Bildliche Darstellung der Lidrandmasse und -reinigung.Frau reinigt ihre Lidränder mit feuchten Wattepads.