What is eyelid inflammation?

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Eyelid inflammation, known as blepharitis in medical terminology, refers to inflammatory diseases of the edges of the eyelids. It is a commonly occurring condition that takes various forms.

Emergency help in case of acute eyelid inflammation, anti-inflammatory and soothing action for irritated eyes.

POSIFORLID COMOD® eye drops (Mandatory informations) eye drops

  • soothe inflammation and irritation,
  • reduce redness and swelling of the edges of the eyelids,
  • are very well tolerated as they do not contain preservatives or phosphates,
  • can be used for up to 12 weeks after opening.

The use of POSIFORLID COMOD® eye drops (Mandatory informations) during the day and Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment (Mandatory informations) at night ensures effective treatment of eyelid inflammation around the clock.

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Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment
Protection and disinfection for irritated eyes in case of inflamed eyelids.

The active ingredient bibrocathol contained in Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment (Mandatory informations)

  • disinfects irritated eyelid edges and the adjacent conjunctiva,
  • has an astringent (constricting) and anti-secretory effect,
  • creates the conditions for quick and complication-free easing of symptoms.

Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment (Mandatory informations) therefore offers reliable protection for irritation of the external eye.

Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment (Mandatory informations) acts directly at the site of the inflammation. The active ingredient bibrocathol does not enter the bloodstream. This means that side effects are very rare.

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POSIFORLID® eye mask
Simple and effective eyelid warming for blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.

The POSIFORLID® eye mask is a self-warming eye mask which is particularly good at meeting these requirements and can be used approximately 90 times. Eyelid warming renders the secretions liquid and promotes the blood circulation in the edges of the eyelids. It is therefore an extremely important part of restoring the function of the meibomian glands.

POSIFORLID® eye mask is extremely well suited for the treatment of

  • inflammation of the eyelids,
  • dysfunction of the eyelid glands,
  • styes and chalazions.
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