Protection and disinfection
for irritated eyes with blepharitis.

When secretions in the glands on the edge of the eyelid become blocked, this creates perfect growth conditions for bacteria. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria from the edge of the eyelid to other areas of the eye, along with effective eye hygiene, reliable protection against infection of the mucous membrane is important.

Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment is a preservative-free eye ointment that contains the active ingredient bibrocathol, with antiseptic and anti-secretory activity, and is therefore highly suited for use in inflammation of the eyelids.

The active ingredient bibrocathol contained in Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment

  • disinfects irritated eyelid edges and the adjacent conjunctiva,
  • has an astringent (constricting) and anti-secretory effect,
  • creates the conditions for quick and complication-free easing of symptoms.

Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment therefore offers reliable protection for irritation of the external eye.

Posiformin® 2%, eye ointment acts directly at the site of the inflammation. The active ingredient bibrocathol does not enter the bloodstream. This means that side effects are very rare.

Anwendungsbeispiel Posiformin 2%, Augensalbe
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