I would like to alternate the heat and cold therapy. Can I activate the mask immediately upon removing it from the fridge?

Yes, you can activate the mask even when it is cold. It will reach the correct temperature. It is possible, however, that after having stored the mask in the fridge it might not remain warm for as long as you are used to. This is because the POSIFORLID® eye mask has a pre-determined amount of energy that is only released when you activate the mask. This energy is used to heat the mask to the correct temperature and to keep the temperature constant for some time. This is possible because not all the liquid crystallises immediately. Molecules that are not used to heat the mask will only crystallise in order to reach the desired temperature. This means that a mask that is already warm before its activation will retain the heat for longer. It needs less energy to reach the ideal temperature, leaving therefore more energy to keep the mask warm for longer. Should you notice that your mask cools down very quickly or does not warm up enough then you can warm it briefly before use, e.g. by holding it under lukewarm water for a minute or placing it briefly on a radiator.

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