How is the heat generated?

Bending or ‘clicking’ the metal discs in the eye mask produces a reaction that causes the liquid in the mask to crystallise. This crystallisation generates heat.

Once the crystallisation process is complete, it is advisable to massage the eye mask to make it soft and flexible. Massaging the mask also keeps it warm for longer. The POSIFORLID® eye mask has a predefined amount of energy which is only released when you activate the mask. This energy is used to heat the mask to the right temperature. The remaining energy is used to keep the temperature constant for a period of time. This is possible because not all of the liquid crystallises immediately. Molecules that are not used for heating the mask remain liquid and only crystallise when they are needed in order to reach the desired temperature. This also means that a mask that is already warm prior to activation retains the heat for longer after activation. It then needs less energy to reach the ideal temperature, i.e. there is energy left over to keep it warm for longer. If you feel that your mask is cooling down very quickly, or if you would like your mask to feel warmer, you can consider briefly heating the mask prior to use, e.g. by holding it under lukewarm water for a minute or briefly putting it on a radiator.

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